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Introducing The Law of Implication:


Note: The Law of Implication product is currently unavailable for purchase. Its beta release was an overwhelming success and it is being prepared for its main release in 2015.

The Law of Implication product is a video-based members area with more than 20 videos, and it is just getting started. I have many more videos scheduled to be created, and then I’ll be making more and improving on existing ones, based on your feedback, requests, and questions.

The Law of Implication is the correct Law that governs the results you get in your life, and how easy it is to get those results.

This includes understanding the correct relationship between you and your brain, and how your brain helps and hinders you as you strive to get money, have great relationships, and achieve any other successes in your life.

The correct strategy for happiness is also explained by the Law of Implication.

You’ll have a correct model for decision making and creativity.

We’ll cover the correct understanding of cause and effect and reasons, which all works very differently than people assume. Our brain is actually very inadequate for understanding cause and effect and the reasons for consequences, which is why results in life can be so difficult to plan for and to achieve, compared to what is possible.

Everything in your life will start to make much better sense, and become easier and more successful, as you understand and apply this Law and its methodology.

Yes, that all amounts to quite an all-encompassing claim, but that is why I have two detailed videos for those who would like to learn more (on a separate page, link to right). Watch them both, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

We are making the Law of Implication members area available for those who know that they want it, because of all of the requests we received once people who knew us heard that the product was being created. For folks who don’t know about the Law of Implication and who justifiably want or need a full real salesletter, that will be available in the relatively near future.

Making the Law of Implication available in this way as it is being completed allows those who wish to benefit now to do so, and for me to get feedback as I complete the rest of the product.

See you on the other side,

David Mills

Mike Long Speaks Out On
the Law Of Implication

(Please note: There is a little bit of wind blowing against the
speaker of my phone during the first minute or so of the video)

OMG’ers Speak Out On The Law of Implication:

Andrew Palmer

I purchased the law of implication a couple of days ago and have so far worked all my way through the core series. I think the package is absolutely phenominal and i feel like it is going to help me enormously. I am going to watch over it all again, several other times and take detailed notes. Everything resonates with me, but so far, i just can’t take in every single detail and the concepts although mostly simple, involve me thinking in a way i havent thought before.

Kindest regards,

Your friend,


Jason Caluori

I want to say thank you for publishing your method in the Law of Implication product you released the other day.

At many points I’ve stopped in amazement at what it means for the world. At many points, I had to get past a feeling that it was too good to be true. It is also a very strange experience to realize that I am in the presence of the greatest genius the world has known and likely ever will know.

In the last day, I’ve had an incredible amount of clarity in my thinking.

There seems to be a paradigm shift which has taken place in my thinking. What you called a change in the configuration in my brain. It feels a lot like waking up. That is to say if I look back at the way I was operating, it feels like I was asleep or blind or as if I was living in the dark.

There is much more that I’d like to say, but I will end this email here to keep it short.

Thank you and I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas.

Rich Spaulding

Hi David,

Just an update, I completed the first 10 videos… Wow! what a gift to man kind!

Thank you again for this product, the initial concepts of the LOI methodology that I’ve been applying in my life has already started to increase my wife’s happiness (and mine) do to paying way more attention to what is “important” to her. We already have a fantastic marriage of 25yrs, largely due to a principal and book we follow called “The Five Love Languages” from the 1990′s. But, applying the LOI methodology concept of “importance” has taken this to a new level in our relationship. Btw, she and I have been studying the LOI together which I highly recommend for couples because it creates a significant dialog of questions among each other!

Lov’in It All So Far!



Law Of Implication Owners Speak Out!


6 Responses to “Home”

  1. John Frei says:

    I generally stay away from self-help products as I find that many of them make you feel good while reading them and for about 15 minutes after, but that’s about the end of the effect. The Law of Implication is different. There’s no hocus-pocus, no magic phrase you can recite over and over again, no secret formula that will bring you instant prosperity. Instead it presents a radically different understanding of how to understand how your mind works and how to use it properly for maximum productivity and happiness. And it does require some work to “get it”, so be prepared to go through the videos several times and take notes.

  2. Mike Long says:

    I’ve been through all the core videos between 1 and 4 times. And I’ve been through the rest of the videos at least once. I check every day to see if new videos are posted. This is just incredible stuff David Mills!

  3. So, LOI (Law of Implication) as I’m now calling it is the most thought and decision clarifying exercise and experience I have ever gone through. I had a sneak peak of some of the content from David, live at the OMG Live-Nashville event and quite frankly, I couldn’t wait to buy the the formal course. I was incredibly excited to hear about not only how a clear and accurate thinking process would streamline my online marketing business, but even more specifically, how a better model would help me improve conversion, decide how to attack new markets and projects and also how to choose what to really go after.

    It’s really crazy, I’ve been through 1/3rd of the course so far (several times rewatched), but I seriously had 10 brain-gasms within the first half hour of videos like “Oh, that’s why that thing I did worked so well and this other thing was such a monumental failure”. It really is that simple. It is the clarity that will give you “retrospective perspective” on how your life has shaped up to this point and also give you tools to streamline success and keep you out of the potholes that all too often plague us when we are venturing into new territory, trying to improve our lives. This body of work is now the majority of my paradigm for approaching decisions and improving my life. Simple and profound as that.

  4. Dave Keys says:

    I wanted to share my story and how the Law Of Implication was absolutely instrumental in a surprisingly rapid turnaround in my business in a time when pressures are increasing on people in my industry and the one I’ve focused on primarily as my core client base. What is important here is not measurable by client getting or money getting successes although that does stand as evidence and proof of something far more critical that is as profound as only one other influencer in my approach to business. Some of you may have heard of Dan Kennedy and Magnetic Marketing.

    Dan transformed my business in 2011 as I learned his strategies and business philosophy but in my field, one thing was still very lacking. Consistent confidence in my choices of strategy and targets.

    SEO is a tenuous field with many opinions and approaches and many simply fail long term. I had run up against the second of three major Penguin updates and it stopped most of my business to the point that if I were going to be honest in my product delivery, I was going to have to stop charging people until I found a solution that works. I lost over half my income within 2 months as I ran out of correlating and on-page strategies for large clients.

    I had briefly broken the sound barrier of 5 figure a month income with Dan’s strategy, hitting around 11,000 a month at a high point but the lacking component in my business strategy coupled with the effects of the new algorithm hamstrung my long term success. I discovered students of OMG who were seeing consistent success in venues that worked and I learned enough to start slowly building up my business but I still had to measure every result and could not obtain consistency to the point where I had confidence to market my new strategies and I knew they were still flawed and inefficient.

    I know this is getting long but bear with me because it’s important to understand how the law of implication provided that critical missing component of success. I don’t mean short term success either. I mean success that can be repeated and expanded.

    I’m a new student of ProjectX but it was the Law of Implication that turned my business around using knowledge I had already obtained. It wasn’t the knowledge, it was understanding how to apply it to successful outcomes consistently. That was the component missing in my business- confidence in knowing my strategy would work consistently. I told my small team last November that my service or product has to work every time I offer it and that it must be so consistent that I can know that I can deliver. We did not have that level of confidence and so I could not aggressively market until we had it.

    Here’s a fact. Most people can smell confidence. They can smell fear no matter how you try to hide it. A few people can be fooled in small ways but people with the wealth to trade for your value have honed their senses to detect both sides of this truth. What you know to be untrue in any way, they will detect. You can’t prevent the transmission of that fear laced knowledge to any scale so your ability to obtain value is relegated to bottom feeder status.

    Law of implication coupled with ProjectX supercharged my success but I can tell you with certainty that Law of Implication alone would have ultimately delivered the same level of success through a different practical path because of the way it is applied in making choices and determining truth. Truth may not always be obvious when the mind is confused but it can be arrived at with the right method of understanding. It is this law that enabled me to carve out the right course for my business- including my ultimate choice to engage in ProjectX.

    I must stress that my ProjectX decision was a byproduct of the Law of Implication. The Law of Implication course is not for the casual inquirer or someone looking for a hot button to press and get a magic result. You will derive great benefit by taking the time to assimilate the entirety of the course into your understanding. There is a methodology here that produces consistent success by eliminating thinking processes that allow false choices. This is not a course about best practices but about the remaining truly successful choices that impact life at scale that is larger than business. I began to realize that impact as soon as I understood the course and it naturally spilled over to my interactions as well as my decision making processes.

    I can tell you this. If you’re serious about succeeding on anything greater than a superficial level. If you want success that doesn’t have a cheap side to it. If you’re willing to learn and understand and pursue that understanding until you acquire it, then pay the $99 for this course. I can attest that it is worth ten times the $99 fee. I can attest that it has already been worth 100 times the $99 fee in very practical terms to my business since I began the course.

    Specifics: I doubled my income since I started the course and I’m well into the five figure range. My next target is structured to place me into Obama’s revenue hungry tax bracket. January produced over income well over five figures in revenues for me and over half of that was from new clients who came aboard because they could smell the confidence and there was no fear transmitted in my interactions because the law of implication had enabled me to make choices that prepared me to deliver true value where I said I could. That is priceless and limitless. Wealth is a creation that is a byproduct of this law and to understand it, you must engage.

    For goodness sake, find $99 and take this course. If you doubt if you’re ready, get in anyway and let the price motivate you to succeed if for no other reason than to make your payment count. If you’ve reached this page and have read to this point in my comment, you’ve passed enough of the test of being prepared. This is your strategy: Win, Attack. You’ve determined that there is something to win here. Now attack with all you’ve got and you will be richly rewarded.

  5. Ken Klug says:

    I have struggled with faulty belief systems my whole life. From the very beginning of listening to the Law of Implication videos I saw the potential for a new beginning and a path of renewal for my journey in life.
    Much of my first 71 years were spent living in the default mode that the world hands out as reality. It has been so refreshing to find answers to life and God and all that comes with it, from basic survival and communication skills to complex issues of creation and why God.
    I have spent many years of searching by attending meetings of organizations both religious and secular, professional counseling, seminars, retreats, support groups, DVD’s, audio courses and books, and usually there was some growth and change. But I am most thankful at this point to have LOI bring to the light so much understanding that has been concealed by a confused and broken world and which has kept me from being truly free and at peace with myself, with life, and simply with who I am.
    I can see the possibilities of many good years of abundance ahead living in mental clarity and emotional stability and becoming cleansed of all the clutter that has sidetracked me for so long. I can see a direction and a purpose. What a blessing and a gift without price.
    I spend about 50/50 with my time between the business training and LOI. It is difficult to not spend it all on the business to get it started and earning some income first, but the LOI teaching brings clarity to my thinking by answering questions about life that have kept me stuck in some very deep mud. By getting out of the mud first the journey through the business challenges has become so much easier. And this happens almost immediately. It has been amazing to me.
    There is a purpose to life that few people have had the opportunity to really experience and it is defined very simply, yet adequately, in the LOI material–living life with more net happiness for myself and others. LOI is a city on a hill that cannot be hidden and is a must for anyone who wants this experience and to live out a fulfilling life for himself and for others. LOI and OMD/Project X has given me the opportunity to start from now and make a brand new end.
    Thank you David for your searching heart and the dedication you have given to this project and for the contribution it has already made in my life and I know will make in the lives of anyone who joins in the process.

  6. Melanie Splendora says:

    This video series is simply fantastic! I just shared this on my FB page – This is by far the best self-help product I have ever seen! It is not only help for yourself to understand existence and thinking, but it is going to help everyone around you! Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich said this, “There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world.” When you go through this amazing series you will know exactly what he means! David Mills is a real, honest to God thinker! You could just put his name over the sculpture of the famous statue, The Thinker. I am more than amazed at his teachings, and in my mind I have also labled him, “Teacher!” Whereas some gurus (although he does not claim that) may give you the proverbial gold nugget(s), David Mills gives you the whole gold mine!” Fabulous work! Check it out! I am saying this from the bottom of my heart.

    So back to the beginning…Before I purchased the LOI I read through most of these comments and watched Mike’s videos and David’s videos and I was truly convinced of how genuine the product was. My only concern was if I could handle so much teaching in both LOI and OMG at the same time!!! Needless to say I dove in! Trust me, you won’t regret getting and learning the LOI while you are in Project X. You will thank God these products exist!

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